LAB EXERCISES · 2023/2024

2023/2024 — summer semester (study programme in English)

About lab exercises

Beside lectures you will also do lab exercises on our course. There will be 9 lab exercises:

  • 6 measuring exercises (connecting DC or AC circuits and measuring electrical quantities), each lasts for 90 minutes
  • 3 computer exercises (circuit analysis and measurement using computer and Digilent Analog Discovery 2), each lasts for 90 minutes

Completed lab exercises are precondition for passing the course!

Lab assessment is done through computer tests and oral examination.

  • On each computer exercise you take a short test on a computer (three tests, each worth 3 points - total 0-9 points).
  • During the semester the lab teacher will also grade your lab activity. You can achieve total 0-6 points.

To do the lab exercise you will need instructions in form of FEE - Lab exercises (M. Dadić) (available after login at Before coming to the exercise you need to solve preparation tasks.

In case you miss a lab exercise please contact your lab teacher. Only if your lab teacher allows it you will be able to make-up missed lab exercise!

Course repetition

  • All completed lab exercises from previous years will be automatically admitted in 2023/2024 and you do not need to take them again. All points previously achieved on lab exercises will be carried to 2023/2024!
  • All missed exercises need to be done again in 2023/2024!