HOMEWORK · 2023/2024

2023/2024 — summer semester (study programme in English)

During the semester students can solve 5 homework assignments. Each homework assignment is worth max. 1 point and it consists of one or two tasks. You upload your results in the required format. You can get in total 5 points from the homework. Homework assignments are downloaded from WebOE system after login. The system will accept all answers inside ±5% range from the correct answer. After you download the homework assignment you have 24 hours to solve it and submit results.

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Example homework
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from 18 March 2024 (Mon) at 00:01
until 24 March 2024 (Sun) at 23:59
DC circuits
Homework no. 1 from 25 March 2024 (Mon) at 00:01
until 2 April 2024 (Tue) at 23:59
DC circuits
Homework no. 2 from 15 April 2024 (Mon) at 00:01
until 24 April 2024 (Wed) at 23:59
simple AC circuits
power in AC circuits
Homework no. 3 from 20 May 2024 (Mon) at 00:01
until 26 May 2024 (Sun) at 23:59
frequency response
methods for solving electrical networks
Homework no. 4 from 27 May 2024 (Mon) at 00:01
until 2 June 2024 (Sun) at 23:59
Thevenin's and Norton's theorems
Homework no. 5 from 5 June 2024 (Wed) at 00:01
until 12 June 2024 (Wed) at 23:59
three-phase systems

You can download homework assignments from anywhere.

You can submit results from anywhere.

Late download of homework assignments is generally not allowed. However, in the case of sickness, technical problems etc. you can request from your lab teacher to allow make-up of missed homework assignments.