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Course information

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering is a freshmen year course on bachelor study programme at University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) and at University of Zagreb Study programme of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources in Šibenik. Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering course is taught by professors from Department of Electrical Engineering Fundamentals and Measurements at FER.

Here you can find current course schedule, list of teachers on the course, information about grading criteria, exams, laboratory exercises and short lab tests, homework assignments and recommended literature. We have also compiled useful links from various sources that cover the course material.


News and consultations

You can find here latest consultations timetable, as well as links to news from official pages of the Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering course on FER and on the Study programme in Šibenik.
Consultations timetable
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Interactive teaching materials

You can visit our interactive teaching materials library by clicking on this link!

Here you can find many different materials covering the Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering course (currently most of them are available only in Croatian) — virtual experiments, animations, simulations, explanations, tasks, short tests...


About the WebOE system

E-learning system WebOE is primarily used on the course Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering at FER, and it is actively developed and maintained on the Department of Electrical Engineering Fundamentals and Measurements at FER. WebOE system is used to follow students' success on the course, it offers personalized homework assignments and record keeping of students' activity on the lectures and lab classes. Furthermore, through this system students can use various teaching and learning materials (recordings of online lectures, exam materials, simulations of all laboratory exercises, interactive teaching materials, exercises questions and tasks).
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